Sedco offer a full range of mechanically operated and electronically controlled two component mixing and metering systems.

Sedco have designed and installed 2K projects for several markets including


Our 2K installations offer a complete turnkey package from paint delivery system to spray gun or paint applicator, all projects are designed using the latest computer aided design software and final configuration is agreed with the customer before installation.

Wagner 48:90:40 Mechanical Unit

Sedco offer the Wagner 48:90:40 mechanically operated high pressure two component system. The unit can be operated with either Airless, Air Assisted Airless or with a combination of electrostatic spray guns.

the unit is capable of operating with material ratio's of between 1:1 and 10:1 depending on flow rates and viscosity.

The unit can be operated from local material containers or alternatively direct from a centralised paint ring main supply.

The system is particularly for high pressure applications where colour changes are infrequent.

The unit has an integral flushing pump for cleaning out mixed material from the paint line and gun without having to clean the base and catalyst pumps.

Wagner Flexcontrolplus electronic unit

The Wagner Flexcontrolplus offers an affordable electronic two component mixing and metering solution.

The unit is a PLC operated 2K unit with the ability to handle multiple colours and activators.

The system has good reporting features including material usage totals, solvent usage totals and error logs.

The unit can be operated with remote pendant enabling the operator to select different materials without leaving the spray booth.

Dynaflow user interface screen

The above view shows a shot of the Dynaflow screen configured for two manual guns spraying at a ratio of 6:1.

ITW Ransburg Dynaflow windows XP® based 2K system with "closed loop control"

The ITW Ransburg Dynaflow is a microprocessor controlled electronic 2K system based on the Windows XP operating system. The unit is an eight channel system capable of running up to four 2K fluid panels or providing "closed loop" control to eight single component materials.

The Dynaflow can be used with manuals spray guns or fully automatic applicators. When configured for "closed loop" control the unit will not only control ratio but also controls flow rates that can be altered by analogue control from a control system or robot.

The Dynaflow comes with a touch screen and also has remote operator interface panels available. The unit is available in low and high pressure versions and can be used with solvent or water based coating systems.


ITW Binks MagicFlow electronic unit

The ITW Binks MagicFlow offers an affordable soloution to electronic two component mixing. The system is capable of running two or three component materials either low pressure or high pressure. The system is best suited to manual applications or automatic systems where the fluid flow is controlled externally to the unit.

The system provides full reporting with material and solvent usage, the unit can be connected to an external printer for reporting purposes.