Robot courtesy of MARC-LK Robotics
Sedco have a fully functional Technical Centre located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The Technical Centre can offer potential or existing customers the opportunity to evaluate the latest application equipment available from leading manufacturers. The Technical Centre is used regularly by material suppliers and users to fully evaluate a potential coating solution prior to the system being installed into production at the users facility

Robot & 2K Applications

Sedco have carried out trials and installed painting systems including two component and Electrostatic, with several of the leading Robot companies.

Together with Sedco "Channel Partners" we will work together on an affordable Robot solution for your coating needs.

Painting Systems have been successfully installed into several industries including: Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle Interior plastic parts, Mould release agent applications and many general industrial component coating applications.


Reciprocators & Electrostatic Bells

The Sedco technical centre has a full programmable reciprocator installed to work in conjunction with a variable speed overhead conveyor.

The reciprocator is used with several types of applicators including, conventional spray guns, air atomised Electrostatic guns and Electrostatic Bells.

We can run trials on solvent and water borne materials and totally isolated high voltage water borne applications.

The Electrostatic Bells are fitted with optical speed controllers to optimise bell speed with changes in material flow.



Two Component and Manual Applications

A full range of mechanical and electronic two

component mixing and metering systems are available for either automatic or manual application.

We have demonstration equipment available to operate single gun or multi gun manual applications in either low pressure or high pressure formats.

Operators can use the equipment to familiarise themselves with 2K mixing equipment and maintenance staff can have practical training on the correct operation and servicing of the system.

Our staff have decades of experience designing, installing and commissioning this type of equipment. The Technical centre enables users and coating companies alike the resource to simulate the production line situation and provide a comfort factor before installing any new equipment or coating.