Management,Supervisor &Maintenance Training

Training courses designed to provide an understanding of the spray application process are available to suit all levels of management.

Management and Maintenance staff can benefit from having a understanding of spray equipment functions and the correct setup and operation.

Improvements in efficiency can be made quite simply by ensuring that the equipment is correctly set up and operating to it's optimum.

Material savings and quality improvement are a major focus on this type of course.




Spray Application Training

Sedco staff have many years experience in the spray application of liquid and powder coatings.

Training courses are offered to cover specific company and operator needs. Training can be provided on site at the users premises or in house at the Sedco Technical Centre in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

Our Technical Centre is fully equipped with the latest application equipment for both manual and automatic systems.

Operator Training

Operator training consists of theory and practical sessions, each session consists of modules in safety, application technique and simple maintenance.

Training courses are available for industry specific applications including: Decorative coatings, Protective Coatings, Wood finishing, Electrostatic, Airless Spraying and many more.